Composting Made Easy 

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We provide sustainable solutions for your Landscaping & Property Maintenance, Turf Management, and Pest Control needs! 

Landscape With The Compost Man

Landscape and Property Maintenance

We apply our organic methods to maintain your beds and landscape. Our services include new bed design and establishment, spring or fall mulching, replenishing stone beds, planting (we love using native and colorful plants), weeding, and organic fertilizer. Our philosophy is to work with nature to give you a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy and feel good about.

Pest Control

Ticks and mosquitos are true pests in the Northeast, and they carry a multitude of diseases, including Lyme disease. We understand the importance of ridding your property of these pests so that you, your children and your pets are safe while spending time outdoors. We offer an organic treatment for your property that is naturally derived, and is applied every 4 weeks during spring, summer, and fall to keep ticks and mosquitos at bay.

Organic Turf Management

The majority of common lawn services and techniques include the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals that negatively impact our environment. We pride ourselves in having created a fully organic ‘A La Carte’ customizable service package.

Curbside Composting

Composting with us will keep your food in the community. It will stay where it was grown. After collecting it, the waste is taken to local farms, composted the good old fashion way, not in destructive incinerators or worse, in a landfill. We get a premium finished product in weeks which provides more compost to the communities, farms and those that need it. We can ship it right to your front door or you can pick it up yourself. Not only do we have a great soil product from food waste, we also have a top shelf, premium compost tea made from the same waste. Give us a call to find out more!

Close The Loop

We believe that ‘what comes from the earth should go back into the earth’. Composting closes the food cycle and keeps our environment clean by keeping waste out of landfills.