Curbside Composting

Once every other week we collect your food scraps at the curb and bring them to local farms to be composted. And, upon request, we will leave you a bucket of finished compost.

Why Compost?

Close the Loop: We believe that ‘what comes from the earth should go back into the earth’. Composting closes the food cycle and keeps our environment clean by keeping waste out of landfills.

Support Local: we work with local farms where we bring your food waste to be composted on-site.

Save Money: stop mainstream landfill waste and go mainstream green!

"We’ve been extremely happy with Kevin’s Compost Man service! We’d been talking about composting for years, but could never figure out how to move forward with it ourselves. We were worried about the smell, attracting animals, if we would remember to turn the compost, etc. We love that all we have to do is collect our scraps and take it to the curb for pick-up, and feel good that we are reducing waste that goes into landfills. We’ve taken advantage of the compost material that gets dropped off and think it’s helped our shrubs stay healthy. I’d recommend this service to anyone!"

Karen R.

Pennington, NJ

Composting is a great Solution

Composting is so effective, it can be the equivalent to removing 7.8  million cars from the road, according to the Composting Council.

Composting with us will keep your food in the community. It will stay where it was grown. After collecting it, the waste is taken to local farms, composted the good old fashion way, not in destructive incinerators or worse, in a landfill. We get a premium finished product in weeks which provides more compost to the communities, farms and those that need it. We can ship it right to your front door or you can pick it up yourself. Not only do we have a great soil product from food waste, we also have a top shelf, premium compost tea made from the same waste. Give us a call to find out more!

Composting Information

The Do's and Don't of Composting

2024 Bi-Weekly Kitchen Waste Collection Schedule

Lambertville, Ringoes, Flemington, Hopewell

2024 Bi-Weekly Kitchen Waste Collection Schedule

Pennington, Ewing, Titusville, Lawrenceville

I was looking for some high quality compost to amend large vegetable gardens. Kevin worked with me through all the emerging challenges at the start of the pandemic to get compost delivered. The soil tests this year show how high quality the compost is, it's so good that those garden beds don't need any more fertilizer. If you are looking for fertilizer or compost, I highly recommend working with The Compost Man.


@Woodline Ridge

Here are the benefits of composting

  • Reduces Landfill waste
  • Reduce home waste
  • Less methane gases
  • Help pull carbon out of the atmosphere
  • Create soil amendment
  • Holds moisture
  • Conserves water
  • Eliminate the need for chemicals
  • Reduce/eliminate the need for pesticides
  • Boost food production
  • Help reforestation
  • Wetland restoration
  • Supports local businesses
  • Creates Jobs